Upasna Kamineni Konidela Exclusive Interview

Upasana Konidela she is the granddaughter of Dr. Pratap C chairman and co-founder of Apollo group of hospitals.Upasana is the eldest daughter of Shobana Kamineni & Anil. Upasana is currently the vice president of Apollo charity and also an editor of B-positive . Apollo Group is the first largest private hospital network in the world.

Some rumors are spreads since she got the engagement with Ram Charan. Many people criticized that she is so chubby and she not suitable for hero Ram Charan, But she is well educated and very down t earth person She didn’t feel to those comments at all.

Slipper shot for the people who commented Upasana

Recently so many bad comments spread in social media, After Upasana marriage, many people talking about her pregnancy, Body weight and diverse with Ram Charan. These types of rumors are spreads since last six months, But officially they do not respond to the rumors. Now, for the first ever Upasana gave an interview with i-dream and she gave clarity about their life and rumors also she spoke about her career, family, Ram Charan and Apollo hospital.

In that interview she talked about her weight and fitness, She said she takes all the negative comments as compliments, Really this is the best answer ever for the people who commented on her body. Anchor Prema asked about her Pregnancy, she said that she is too young and they wanted to enjoy the life for some time and her house is in under construction so, they are planning for it soon.

Upasana Responds to Rumors on divorce

Upasana frustrated about the divorce rumor. She said that she never care, people, what talked about her either it was negative nor positive, She answered strongly on divorce rumor, Also she said that she loves her husband very much and he loves her back . She clears all the rumors on her and no it is very clear how strong women she is, Every woman should take inspiration, it seems she is very talkative.

Also, Upasana is an animal lover, She cares animals and pets in their form house and she has a farm at her home. She is the perfect women great human being finally she slapped all those controversial speaking people who trolled about her physic and even her womanhood , Really shame on those people.. beauty is not on its the heart which she having to be as beautiful. She is amazing and very rare women , Charan is so lucky that he has the wife who knows a real meaning of maturity and understands.

she is very talented and kind hearted women. This is the big slap on face who commented her badly, she is good human being.

Till now I mean before watching this video my perspective about Upasana is Ram Charan’s wife and granddaughter of Pratap Reddy and so…on…..But from now I’m a fan of Upasana and Upasana is Upasana ‘.it is very good and motivating to see women speak bold and confident . That to a lady belongs to my role model Chiranjeevi’s family… Thank u Prema for giving us the wonderful time .

Upasana Kamineni interview with Idream