Srimukhi Ravi Affair

Srimukhi and Ravi Affair

We all know that in Telugu Film Industry affairs are very common. Recently people spread some rumors about Srimukhi and Ravi relation, These both are moving closely in ETV patas program. Srimukhi gained good talent from patas full to bindhas program.

In this show both are dancing some hot songs and teasing each other. Recently anchor Ravi revealed about their affair, In social media some naughty people spreading rumors that Ravi having an affair with Srimukhi and Lasya.

Ravi said we all are good friends and moving closely in anchoring he is having good relation with Lasya and they both acted in some short films and now with Shrimukhi, Nothing is bad between them. Ravi said that he is single not having relation with anyone. Ravi requested to people please don’t spread rumors on affairs and don’t involve him into any relationships.

Ravi having the huge fan following in small screen he acted some message-oriented short films. Ravi having good communication and his punch dialogues in Patas Full to Bindas show will entertain people very much. Collage students are enjoying in this show.

About Srimukhi

She has been even associated with the modeling career as before making her way in the acting career, Her first movie with Arya Brither Etttuhuthikkum Maharani. Now she came into anchoring field. She is having excellent anchoring skills also she is attracting people by her dressing and dancing. She is having huge college students fan followers . Her way of anchoring and voice, Dancing skills are the plus points for Srimukhi.

She does not have a film background she came up with her talent. She worked very hard to get big name and fame in the entertainment world. She even got up some offers in Telugu movies. Now she is busy with TV programs.

She worked few modeling agencies She has the great potential to be the actress as she is hard working and passionate about her profession.

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