Shivaji Talking on Special Status about Andhra Pradesh


Hero Shivaji fighting for special status for Andhra Pradesh really he is very serious about special status recently he uploaded one video about special status in that video he clearly explained about special status benefits really he done good job some people don’t know about special status benefits he examined each and every point.

What are the special status benefits in india

After granting special status, the state will get good benefits of economic, administrative also financial aspects, currently 11 states are enjoying special status in India. The special status given to backward states based on the several parameters central will take the decision about special status.

Benefits of Special Category

1.Significant concession of excise duties & customs duties and road tax duties, income tax and corporate tax-free eligible.

2.In the budget we have two types of budget 1.panned expenditure 2.un-planned expenditure, planned expenditure is money In central budget 30% of planned expenditure automatically goes to special category states.

3.Special status states avail themselves of benefits of death swapping and death relief schemes.

4.In central sponsored schemes and external aid special category states get it in the ratio of 90% grant and 10% loans, other states get only 30% of their funds as the grant, This is also the main benefit for special category states.

special status states in india

1.Arunachal Pradesh


3.Himachal Pradesh

4.Jammu and Kashmir








Hero Shivaji Talking on Special Status about Andhra Pradesh