Most Richest Countries in the World 2016

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Comparing the total amount of wealth owned by the total 196 countries in the world , it’s not only a difficult but an interesting task as well. Meanwhile , here’s a list of the wealthiest countries in the world. The below list is entirely made on the basis of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of each country and is arranged from least to most rich country considered under Top 10 list.

#10. Kuwait- GDP per capita: $71,600
Having the highest currency value in the world , Kuwait is the best known for providing employment opportunities.One of the main reason of its amplifying success is Oil. This country has more than 10% of the world’s oil reserves , making a huge monopoly over the other competitors.

#9. Switzerland- GDP per capita: $56,815
Formerly regarded as the Honeymoon destination of the world, its one of the richest as well as the famous places of the world. This country is continuously expanding its measures to boom the baking terms in order to boom the economy.Be it a business trip or a family vacation , you’ll enjoy it here anyway.

#8. United Arab Emirates- GDP per capita: $67,201
This country’s entire wealth and power relies on the oil industry , as in 80-85% of their economy is based upon the import-export of oil and oil-based products. But in the recent times , another factor that resulted in their rise is the boom of tourism.

#7. United States Of America- GDP per capita: $57,045
With a huge population and many amazing views , this country is again one of the most influential in terms of power and economy. They are one of the world’s largest leading manufacturers.If this is not enough , They have the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE i.e. the world’s largest stock exchange in the market.

#6. Brunei Darussalam- GDP per capita: $80,335
Though this nation is tiny in size but has earned the right to be called wealthiest of the wealthy nation. Brunei is the third-largest oil producer in Southeast Asia and a big producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

#5. Hong Kong- GDP per capita: $57,676
It is one of the densely populated states in the world and is an autonomous territory of the People’s Republic of China.Apart from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , this place provides the feel for both business and leisure time. Hence , one of the most popular tourist spots for people.

#4. Norway- GDP per capita: $67,619
The main reason for a bright present of Norway is because it is fueled by natural resources, like petroleum , hydroelectric power, and fisheries. Moreover , the standard of living of this place is comparatively high with people maintaining a standard of living and a strongly integrated welfare system.

#3. Singapore- GDP per capita: $84,821
Singapore or “The Magic City On Earth” as they say is truly worth a visit. Since this place has so , so many amazing sights and places to visit , the major cause of economic boom is the tourism. Either you travel solo or with family , Singapore has stored for you everything you desire , thereby maintaining its standard.

#2. Luxembourg- GDP per capita: $94,167
Luxembourg can be considered as one of the industrialized nations in the world. Although not a big number in the population, but again this place has got what it takes to be rich in every field possible. Its major dependencies are steel as well as industrial

#1. Qatar- GDP per capita: $146,011
The list of the richest cities is topped by none other than Qatar. It is the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.Its capital is Doha and earns the rightful honor of being called the wealthiest of all of them. Natural resources like petrol and LNG act as the base of the nation’s economy representing more than 60% of GDP.

Here is the detailed list :

top 10 richest countries in the world 2016
Position Country GDP per capita
1 Qatar $146,011
2 Luxembourg $94,167
3 Singapore $84,821
4 Norway $67,619
5 Hong Kong $57,676
6 Brunei Darussalam $80,335
7 United States Of America $57,045
8 United Arab Emirates $67,201
9 Switzerland $56,815
10 Kuwait- $71,600