Kadapa Co-operative Bank Manager Caught Redhanded


Kadapa co-operative bank manger caught in secrete camera, He is the general manger in Kadapa this bloody buster uses people who came to take loans. He always needs drink and girls to approve loans for people otherwise, he won’t accept loans.

Now a days in India everything becomes complicated from Govt offers to village VRO every one needs some money to do things for people it’s very common in India.

Example: If any one need a birthday certificate they have to meet village VRO and they should go and apply in mandal office in this process we need to give some money to get birthday certificate early otherwise no will take care of that this is the process in India, People also accept to give money for complete their works proper and in time.

However last week one man went for loan to co-operative bank he meets bank manager to request for loan for a business in this process he asked money or a girl, This man is always using young girls to approve loans in Kadapa co-operative bank many people suffering from his behaviour finally he caught in a hotel room secrete camera video now this video goes viral on YouTube people shocking while watching this video.

Kadapa Co-operative Bank Manager Caught Redhanded in Scandal Video