Interesting Facts to Know About Narendra Modi

Interesting Facts to Know About Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi : India’s 15th prime minister. He secured the largest mandate any Indian prime minister has won since 1984 in the country’s mammoth general election in April. Apparently everyone knows the name of this greatpersonality.

Though already famous for being the Prime Minister, this amazing person came into limelight now-a-days
for his ground-breaking decision of making a move against the increasing black money in the Indian economy. Althoughwe all are still waiting for the exact numbers to be shown , but almost everyone everywhere is appreciating thisout-of-the-box act to change the on-going Indian currency. So from ‘chai-way’ to being the Prime Minister Of INDIA,here’s a list of some of the unknown facts of the Mastermind : Narendra Modi.

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1. Modi Born on 17 September 1950, Narendra Modi is the first ever Prime Minister to be born in the Independent India. But again going back to the early phase of his life, Narendra Modi left home at the age of 17.

2. Narendra Modi aspired to become a sanyasi as a child and in his late teenage years he ventured on an unknown journey and traveled from one place to another. Some of the places he visited included Ramakrishna Mission of Rajkot and Belur Math and finally landed in the Himalayan ranges where he spent about a couple of years with the sadhus and lived a life of a gypsy. Yes , this is one of the interesting fact , yet kind of hard to believe !

3. Narendra Modi’s father had a tea-stall at the Vadnagar Railway Station in Gujarat. At the young age , he often helped his father in selling tea at the station. This is the most sought–after the fact about Narendra Modi and he has been seen mentioning this several times in his speeches.

4. Being such a great orator , he addresses the huge crowd with high interest and enthusiasm. So this will definitely won’t come to you as a shock that every now and then he engages in literature and has penned a number of poetic pieces in his mother tongue, Gujarati.

5. He has also published some of his literary works. Apart from being a poet, he has developed an interest in photography and often arranged exhibitions in the past in which his talent as a photographer was manifested.

6. The Prime Minister is well connected to his roots even after reaching the top of his political career.He avidly uses Hindi while addressing the public or the press.

7. Although many renowned Indian leaders follow this tradition and many Indian leaders continue
this tradition even today. However, what unique about Modi is that he always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it be an official document or in any casual occasion.

8. One of the most interesting yet slightly hidden fact about Modi is that he had undertaken a three months course in the The United States where he was given lessons on image management and public relations. The course then followed by heart has greatly improved his leadership qualities that has shaken billions with his progressive thoughts and actions.

9. Just like being a Jack of all trades , this leader has an inclination for technology and he is in constant touch with the people through his social media accounts. He is a regular user of famous social media websites like Twitter & Facebook. Moreover , he was the first to propagate his election campaign on Social media platforms.

10. One surprising fact is that he is one among the FOUR people whom Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe follows on the social networking site Twitter. He has more than 12-million followers on Twitter, exactly after President Obama.

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