Anchor Rashmi and Sudheer Affair Goes Popular on Social Media!


Jaberdasth talented comedian Sudigali Sudheer and anchor Rashmi love affair are going viral in social media number of people asking and commenting on facebook about their relation. However, rumors are very common in the cinema field, especially in Tollywood and Bollywood. Most of the celebrities are faced these types of problems in the industry, But the don’t take it serious until it effects on their personal lives.
In the past couple of months, rumors spread about hot anchor Rashmi and Sudigali Shudder, Both are sharing the small screen at a time in Jaberdath comedy show in E-TV and recently they have started Dee Juniors’ with two separate teams so that rumors came highly on them.

Rashmi, she is well knows anchor and actress she attracts the TV screens viewers with wearing the sleeveless blouse and trendy short dresses in Jaberdasth comedy show, She becomes very famous with that show. In Jabersdasth show contestants will always throw punches on Rashmi and Sudheer that creates fun in the show so, they continued that way. Due to this reasoning, some people creates rumors on them .

Sudheer takes it as fun he never responds about their relation. Sudigali Sudheer becomes very famous in Jaberdasth comedy show .His team having the highest success rate in Jaberdasth. Now he is busy with some movies recently he acted in Pawan Kalyan Sardar Gabber Singh. Sudheer recently sold one nice home to stay and now he is well settled in Hyderabad. He is planning to get marriage in next couple of years.

In recent Rashmi Gowtham Said that they don’t have personal relation or love they are just friends. I don’t know why some people are spreading this kind of rumors on me I always move close to everyone during shooting time and that’s not an affair said by Rashmi.

Recently Rashmi Gowtam clarifies the doubts on their relation.